In the summer of 2018 and the autumn of 2019 Frontier Fly Fishing will release its new generation of HORIZON fly-rods. The new generation of rods will replace the hugely popular HORIZON MRS, TRS and XRS rod ranges.

The new range of HORIZON rods was tested and retested by the staff at Frontier Fly Fishing until all the testers we happy with the rods that were to go into production. The rods feature the latest NANOHOOP technology and use only the best quality components including AAAA cork in the rod handles and where applicable, fighting- handles and butts.

The rods will cover all fresh- and saltwater situations that anglers will encounter while fishing South Africa’s interior as well as coast, from the diminutive 1-wt TFS rod to the behemoth-besting 15-wt TSS rod. The saltwater rods will also find their place on rivers like the Zambezi as well as on the saltwater flats of Mauritius, the Seychelles and just about anywhere saltwater fish swim.

In addition to the two new HORIZON rod series (TFS and TSS), Frontier Fly Fishing will also be launching a new range of rods for anglers fishing competitively. This new rod range will feature two new rods  – both 10’0” rods for a 3-wt and 6-wt line.

Horizon Tactical Freshwater Series
Horizon Tactical Freshwater Series

The HORIZON TFS series of fly rods is the evolution of Frontier Fly Fishing’s renowned TRS and XRS series of fly rods.

Utilizing the latest technologies in blank construction and Nanohoop Technology, the HORIZON Tactical Freshwater Series of fly rods will redefine your thoughts on fly fishing rods.

1 Weight Rod - Available 1 April 2019

Horizon Tactical Freshwater Series 180-4

/4974/horizon-rods/TFS180-03.jpg /4974/horizon-rods/HZ180-4.jpg


1-Weight, 8-foot 0-inch, 4-piece rod.

This is the perfect rod for small, high country streams where presenting small dry flies and nymphs to wary trout is the order of the day. It has a quick and responsive action, allowing the angler to make minimal false casts and deliver the fly accurately to the target. The shorter 8-foot length aids in accuracy and presentation. 

Horizon Tactical Freshwater Series 383-4

/4974/horizon-rods/TFS383-03.jpg /4974/horizon-rods/HZ383-4.jpg


3-Weight, 8-foot 3-inch, 4-piece rod.

This is the perfect rod for South Africa’s smaller streams and at a pinch will serve as a light stillwater fly rod. It’s ideal for the streams in the Eastern Cape, Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal. The 8-foot 3-inch length is ideal for accurate casts out to medium distances and the extra length will help with mending line across currents. 

Horizon Tactical Freshwater Series 590-4

/4974/horizon-rods/HZ590-4.jpg /4974/horizon-rods/TFS590-03.jpg


5-Weight, 9-foot 0-inch, 4-piece rod.

Building on the Horizon XRS's reputation, the TFS 590-4 is the ideal stillwater trout rod and will handle any smallmouth yellowfish you’ll tangle with on rivers like the Vaal and Orange. We tested a number of 5-wt rods from the manufacturer before we settled on this taper – it will load at short ranges with a line like Scientific Anglers MPX taper but will effortlessly cast an entire fly line to the middle distance. For anglers looking for a 5-wt rod that will do it all, then this is the rod for you.

Horizon Tactical Freshwater Series 790-4

/4974/horizon-rods/HZ790-4.jpg /4974/horizon-rods/TFS790-03.jpg


7-Weight, 9-foot 0-inch, 4-piece rod.

The staff at Frontier Fly Fishing designed this rod with a number of objectives in mind – they wanted a rod that would handle largemouth yellowfish as well as a rod that would cross-over as a light bass- and saltwater rod. The 790-4 TFS meets all these requirements and more. This is a light, fast-actioned 7-wt rod ideal for many applications in South Africa.

Horizon Tactical Saltwater Series
Horizon Tactical Saltwater Series

Frontier Fly Fishing launched its range of HORIZON fresh-and saltwater rods in 2003 and since the launch the rods became firm favourites amongst many South African fly-fishermen.

In 2018 and 2019 Frontier Fly Fishing will introduce a completely new range of saltwater rods that will cover all the bases for the saltwater fly-fisherman, from the hugely versatile 990-4 TSS to the leviathan-taming 1583-4 TSS.

12 and 15 Weight Rods - Available April 2019

Horizon Tactical Saltwater Series 990-4

/4974/horizon-rods/TSS0990-03.jpg /4974/horizon-rods/HZ990-4.jpg


9-weight, 9-foot 0-inch, 4-piece

The 990-4 TSS is the first saltwater rod in the TSS rod range to be released to the South African market. The 9’0” 9-wt is without question our biggest selling saltwater fly-rod and with good reason – it’s not just a great all-round saltwater rod for the South African coast but is also the ideal rod for species in exotic destinations like the Seychelles and Mauritius. It is also the perfect rod for tigerfish in the Zambezi River and other environs where they are found. The 990-4 TSS features an ultra-fast action to deal with the wind and has a short fighting butt typical of a rod like this.

Horizon Tactical Saltwater Series 1290-4

/4974/horizon-rods/TSS1290-03.jpg /4974/horizon-rods/HZ1290-4.jpg


12-weight, 9-foot 0-inch, 4-piece

When you are targeting large fish like giant trevally off the coast of South Africa or on the flats of the Seychelles or Mauritius, a 12-wt is the rod of choice for all serious anglers. The 1290-4 TSS fly-rod will handle these hard-fighting fish and thanks to its ultra-fast action it will drive large 6/0 flies into the wind with ease.

Horizon Tactical Saltwater Series 1583-4

/4974/horizon-rods/TSS1583-03.jpg /4974/horizon-rods/HZ1583-4.jpg


15-weight, 8-foot 3-inch, 4-piece

If you are looking for a fly-rod to tame all but the largest saltwatwater fish anywhere in the world, the 1583-4 is the rod for you. We tested this rod on tarpon of well over 200lbs in Costa Rica and the rod broke the fish’s spirit faster than any other rod we’ve used on these huge fish. This is just the sort of rod you’d want for yellowfin tuna off the Western Cape coast. This rod has immense backbone and pulling power. The rod has a fighting grip mated to the handle and has an extra-long fighting butt to fit into a fighting bucket.